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Some Guitar Lessons websites promise you will become a professional guitar player in six weeks, but I know it took me years to get good enough to actually be offered a professional gig.

When I started playing guitar, in the mid 70's, it was not easy to find a good teacher or magazines that explained the new techniques that were blossoming at that time and the internet was a hazy dream in some engineer's mind...

So I rolled up my sleeves and begun figuring out hammer-ons, scales and transcriptions by my self. Also, working as a sound engineer in small studios and playing with lots of local bands provided a wealth of experience and all the little things that help you become a pro.

Now, after 15 years as a professional musician, both live and in the studio, from Rock to radio jingles and commercials, I'd like to get back to one of the things I love: teaching guitar.

In these free guitar lessons I will share with you my knowledge and experience and I hope they will help you refine your skills, no matter if you're a beginner or have been playing for years.

Scales, chords, theory. technique, equipment and everything else are explained in a simple but effective way and your eyes and ears will be challenged as much as your fingers.

Will you become a Pro in six weeks? Well, that's mostly up to you, but remember:

There are no real shortcuts to accomplish anything, but the value of good advice is priceless.

This is what this website is about (I wish I had one to browse 30 years ago...).

Beginner Guitar Lessons
A collection of online beginner guitar lessons

Music Theory for the Guitar
Basic notions of music theory

Guitar Chords
This section is about guitar chords: fingering, positions and use in different styles

Guitar Scales
In this section we will learn all about guitar scales, modes and positions

Guitar Technique
In this section we will explore all the aspects of Guitar Technique, from picking and tapping to left hand exercises

Guitar gear
In this section we will talk about guitar gear: guitars, amps, picks, straps, effects, hair and cool shirts.....

In the Studio - Recording Guitar
All the tips and tricks for recording guitar in the studio and on computer

Playing Guitar on Stage
So now you're ready to go and play your guitar on stage....Or so you think! Here are some secrets that will help your live performance