Total Guitar
Guitar Techniques

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This Section is under construction.

Beginner Guitar Lessons
A collection of online beginner guitar lessons

Music Theory for the guitar
Basic notions of music theory

Guitar Chords
This section is about guitar chords: fingering, positions and use in different styles

Guitar Scales
In this section we will learn all about guitar scales, modes and positions

Guitar Technique
In this section we will explore all the aspects of Guitar Technique, from picking and tapping to left hand exercises

Guitar gear
In this section we will talk about guitar gear: guitars, amps, picks, straps, effects, hair and cool shirts.....

In the Studio - Recording Guitar
All the tips and tricks for recording guitar in the studio and on computer

Playing Guitar on Stage
So now you're ready to go and play your guitar on stage....Or so you think! Here are some secrets that will help your live performance